Why would a Democrat vote for me?

In 1980 many Democrats felt their party had moved too far to the left. These patriotic democrats put Ronald Reagan in the White House. In 1984 they returned Reagan to the White House. We  see a similar trend today. Democrats today are pushing back against their party for a variety of reasons. If you say no to any of the following questions, please consider supporting my candidacy.

  • Do you support Colorado becoming a “Sanctuary State”?

    • In a Sanctuary State, it is illegal for state and local officials to cooperate with the Federal government in the deportation of illegal aliens regardless of criminal convictions.

  • Do you support non-citizens voting in our elections?

    • This is currently the case in San Francisco and is being considered in Boston.

  • Do you support unrestricted abortions?

    • Girls of any age getting abortions without parental consent or abortions at any stage of development.

  • Do you support full access to our welfare system for non-citizens?

  • Do you support anti-religious doctrines be taught in public schools?

    • A violation of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

  • Do you support “Free College for all” making our universities similar to public K12 schools?

  • Do you support repealing the First and Second Amendments?

    • Free speech, religious liberty, and gun ownership.

  • Do you support a Soviet-style healthcare system?

    • Also known as single-payer healthcare where the government determines the prices of care as well as the pay of doctors.

  • Do you support “all forms of Sexual Education” in our schools starting in elementary school?

  • Do you support the government forcing small business owners to act against their conscience in order to keep their business?

    • The U.S. Supreme Court recently overturned a Colorado case 7-2.