Where I Stand

I believe it is vital to know exactly where our leaders stand. This is where I stand on issues.


The family is the litmus test for the strength of the United States. All laws, government budgets, and regulations must be measured for their impacts on families. Governments have a vested interest in protecting this fundamental unit of society. Laws that weaken the family directly weaken the sustainability of Colorado. This sadly has been the trend for the last 4 years.


Second Amendment

In the last 100 years, the most horrific mass murders resulted from governments disarming their own citizens. Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, and Cambodia under the leadership of the Khmer Rouge all murdered their own defenseless citizens. These mass murders were into the millions. An armed citizenry stands in the defense of freedom. "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

Public Schools

The one-size-fits-all nature of our public education system is not satisfying all stakeholders even though Washington mandates it. We have the technological capability to individualize education, but we have chosen not to adopt this model. Market competition usually improves everything over time, but public school policy is driven by politics more than solutions. Colorado yielded control to the state many years ago, yet the state hides behind the theory of “Local Control”. We must restore local control in reality. Then if communities find market solutions to educational problems, everyone benefits. Parents have an absolute right to control their children's education which includes protecting children from bad educational policies like CRT and the sexualization of children. At the very least, we need school choice.


We must stand against the tsunami of socialism in our state. We see its toxic effects in many places in our country today including Colorado. Socialist politicians attempt to bribe voters with their own money by offering free college, free healthcare, and free whatever. "There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch". 

Campaign Finance

Today in Colorado, Campaign Finance laws heavily favor the Democratic party. This is one of the reasons in the 2018 election Democrats had a 6 to 1 fundraising advantage. The current law promotes a one-party system. We must stop outside money from dominating our elections. This is why I proposed Initiative #80 Campaign Expense Limits which restores the people's influence on their government.


Yes, taxes are inevitable but that does not mean we needlessly throw taxpayers' money away. Nor does it mean that every idealistic whim of politicians needs to be promoted. Legislators have a duty to be judicious with taxpayers’ money and too rarely do they honor that responsibility. Case in point the Colorado legislature now simply calls a tax a fee to bypass the Taxpayers' Bill of Rights.

Health Care

ObamaCare intended to destroy the health insurance industry. It very nearly succeeded. My own daughter fell victim to one of the exchange companies that went belly up. Single-payer healthcare is a socialist dream that will destroy the hope of affordable care for all.   



When a woman makes a choice to become pregnant the choice is made. When a woman does not have a choice in becoming pregnant such as in the case of rape, she deserves the right to choose to continue the pregnancy. Of course, this choice is not open-ended with an unlimited time frame. The choice must be made in a reasonable period of time.

SB22-1279 is the most extreme abortion law in United States history. This law technically legalizes infanticide, which polls indicate 83% of American voters disagree with. This law will make Colorado a destination abortion state. 

Conservatives find solutions. Liberals pass more laws. Socialists bribe people with their own money.