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Running for YOU

I will represent families. Families care about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness without regard to political affiliation.


Education without harming a family's values. Protecting a family's property.

Protecting the family's religious liberty.

God, Family, Country.

Protect families from bad economic policies


Four years ago the Colorado state budget was 30.6 billion dollars, today it’s 38.1 billion. Colorado has the second highest state inflation in the country. SB 19-181 contributed to today's gas prices.

Protect families from bad crime policies

SB21-271 changed the classification and penalties for a wide variety of crimes. Now crime is profitable in Colorado. This law keeps criminals out of jail.

Protect families from bad education policies

This legislature voted down the Parents Bill of Rights. It’s time parents are represented in the legislature.

Jonathan Ambler will

What's happening right now

The ballots are out! Election day Nov. 8.


Support and Donate

Money will not win this election, but with your help and support, we have a chance to restore responsible government to Colorado. 

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