Running for YOU

I will represent families. Families care about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness without regard to political affiliation.


Education without harming a family's values. Protecting a family's property.

Protecting the family's religious liberty.

God, Family, Country.


New District Boundaries

With the redistricting of Colorado, check out the new House District 46. Unfortunately, precinct information may not be released by the Secretary of State until March 1st, the same day as the Republican Precinct Caucuses.

What's happening right now

April 30th, 3-5 pm - Meet and Greet at Greenhorn Valley Library


Jonathan receives endorsement from Restore Liberty.

Support and Donate

In the 2018 election, Colorado Democrats outspent Republicans 6 to 1. In 2020 they spent even more. Money will not win this election, but with your help and support, we have a chance to restore responsible government to Colorado.